Har ett litet speciellt förhållande til Operation Smile - mer om det en annan gång kanske, men ville bara dela med mig av en dikt som några på Operation Smile skrivit i Sydafrika som beskriver vad de är de gör för alla de hjälper, tycker det är jätte fint, önskar att jag kan hjälpa till en dag! 

The hole in your smile

It may be a gaping hole but to us it's not empty
Your smile may be broken but the care we'll give you is plenty

It might have meant problem but to us it means grace...
Just leave it to us and we'll repair that smile on your face

There's hope for you and there's hope for a dream
Even though the possibility is so far you could scream

We know your pain and we feel your heart 
And with unity and a team, we can give you a new start

Standing and staring, your just cannot believe
But it's true it's been done you can relax and breath

Your smile is special it has warned us within 
And now we will leave you, a new adventure to begin

Please keep us in your heart at least for a while 
For we will always love you xx Operation Smile.

Keegan Longueira, Mission Malawi 2014





Värmer i hjältat! God kväll! 




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